Getting started!

How do you go about planning for a three month trip to Alaska and back? Last month headed to Huntsville to begin these plans. The first day we sat down and worked for six hours and were only into Michigan! Shew! We were exhausted and decided we were getting nowhere, fast!

Next day: Connie became the typist for road and route numbers. Once Irv and Ron decided the route, I would give Connie the info. After working feverishly for two hours, we had finally made it to Ohio! Yep, things were still moving slow, except Mom had already completed one 100 piece puzzle! Following a lunch of cheese and crackers, Connie and I joined Mom in a game of Scrabble! You read right, Scrabble. If you know me, you know this is my least favorite game. Oh well, we were still planning to visit Alaska this summer! I could put up with a few games of Scrabble. Who knows, I might actually learn to like it.

More info to come as we make our plans and way across this wonderful country!


3 thoughts on “Getting started!

  1. Hi! Got here via the EOC site. We are thinking about a trip to AK. Hold up right now is a cat that does not like being out of the house and Deb will not leave it for 3-4 months. Anyway, considering leave the 38 ft Everest at home and taking our 32 foot bumper pull. Towing with a ’01 Volvo road tractor. Have a Smart that fits on the Volvo but will likely leave it home and use the truck for side trips. Will try to get all the way through your blog. Great info and pictures. Chet (EOC:


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