Day Two: July 7

After a goodnight’s sleep, two arose early (4:00 a.m.) and showered, read, etc., the other two slept until 6 a.m. when the first couple began slamming cabinet doors and arriving all dressed and ready for the road into the couple’s ‘bedroom’ portion of the camper! Well, sorta, like that. The second couple was sleepily letting the air out of their mattress and turning their bedroom back into a living area for all. This will be the routine (except for the hours, I hope) for the next couple of months or so.

We hit the road around 8:15 a.m. and left ‘Galesburg East Travel Park’ in Knoxville, IL. The park was well maintained and very welcoming. Even though we went to bed before the sun went down, we had no problem going to sleep.

The scenery today was much like yesterday with the cornfields – and more cornfields! maybe more cornfields of a different variety! We also enjoyed the windmills dotted across the flat countryside.
IMG_20140707_141308_628 (1)
Today we began our drive with rolling hills and more cornfields that made us think of Kentucky, and then we found ourselves being able to see beautiful farms, most with white roofs, scattered across the large flat cornfields. At the end of our drive we were back to hilly land where it appeared the farmers used a form of ‘terrace’ farming. We are not certain if we came up with the right term for this, but it sure did look like terraces across the hillsides.

Our treat for tonight will, of course, be a trip to the Dairy Queen for our dessert! Imagine that. Our campground tonight is named ‘On-Ur-Wa’ in Onawa, IA, which is directly across the street from the DQ. Ron didn’t even have a single thing to do with selecting this place, believe it or not! We have been pleasantly surprised by the campground’s hospitality and clean sites.


6 thoughts on “Day Two: July 7

  1. So glad you are on your way Laura. I’ll be following you with much excitement and curiosity — what an adventure! Travel safely.


  2. I learned to love the landscape in Iowa during the 4 years Leah went to school there. We visited a few places they had allowed prairie grasses to reseed. Really gave you a vision of what the original visitors saw as they moved west. I would guess that you will eventually be traveling through areas showing little human intervention. Can’t wait to see and read about what you are seeing. Has Roxie been able to find rocks that she likes in the last 2 campgrounds? Love Elaine


  3. Remember you are retired and on vacation!! So…….That means that you DO NOT have a time schedule…Let them sleep, and remember that you are not in the Service any more!


  4. I like how it wasn’t specified which couple rose at 4am and which one was woken up by said couple at 6!!! Hahaha! Miss you already!


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