8-9 July 2014 (Mitchell & Wall, SD)

8 July – We visited the Corn Palace in Mitchell. They were working on the theme pics for this year’s corn festival (Remembering When). This pic features previous years done outside the building. Everything is made of corn!
Corn Palace
9 July – We drove the Badlands loop and went around with our mouths open in awe at the magnificent sight. We have traveled far and wide, but have never seen anything quite like this. Then, drove over to Wall, SD to get our free ice water at the famous Wall Drugstore (Google the story for details), ate lunch and bought huge homemade donuts (like those Grandma makes).
Camping 2 nights (on a hill overlooking Rapid City). Pic shows the prairie land overlook from our campsite at the Lazy J RV Park campground.RCCampsite Weather has been glorious for the duration of our trip. Feeling blessed!


5 thoughts on “8-9 July 2014 (Mitchell & Wall, SD)

  1. Sounds like a great start for your trip. Pics are fantastic. Love the Badlands. Cannot believe that is all you bought at Wall Drugs. Glad you are doing the blog so we can all enjoy your trip! Keep having fun!


  2. Rattlesnakes?!! Not sure I could camp or sleep anywhere near a sign like that…stay safe Berrys. 😉
    Sounds like a great trip so far!


    1. That was just on a trail through the Badlands. We did not camp there. We are in the Black Hill Mountains and we are still being reminded of rattlesnakes. Currently staying at the 7th Ranch RV Park in Garryowen, MT. It’s a ranch and hot and dry today.


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