12-13 July 2014 (Garryowens, MT)

12 July – We took our time leaving the campground today because we just had a short 2-hr drive to the 7th Ranch Campground on a Crow Indian Reservation. We love it here! Ron had a little problem understanding our host Aussie’s directions on getting the camper into the campground, so we had a good laugh about that. We set up camp quickly, then went to the Trading Post and ate Crow Indian Tacos (on recommendation from our hosts). Wonderful! Naturally, I bought the mix to make the fried bread used to make the tacos. Meanwhile, Irv tried on cowboy hats and jackets. They went so well with his cargo shorts! When the sun went down (beautiful sunset) it cooled off and we went to our screened canopy to wait for the BIG moon tonight.
13 July – Went to the Battle of Little Big Horn National Park and listened to a 1-hr amazing account of Custer’s last stand given by a park ranger (former history teacher), then took the 1-hr guided (air-conditioned) bus tour over the site. It was so sobering and spiritual-like. I don’t ever recall crying through a monument tour like I did today.
It really got to us all. Stopped again at the Trading Post for lunch while discussing what we had learned on the tour. Then, back to camp for a nap. It is very, very hot out there today. Tomorrow will be a 6-hr travel day to Helena, Montana. Next day, hopefully into Canada.


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