14-15 July 2014 (Townsend, MT)

14 July – Drove to Townsend, MT (Canyon Ferry Lake KOA Campground), an neat little fishing village. Had a thunderstorm at night, which was rather exciting.
15 July – Crossed over into Canada (relatively uneventful, unlike we expected) to spend the night at the Daisy May Good Sam Campground. Saw some fabulous landscapes going through Montana.


2 thoughts on “14-15 July 2014 (Townsend, MT)

  1. The pictures are amazing! We live on a beautiful planet. Has Roxie joined the table at meals now? She is one of the group even though she is not mentioned in your title :). What are the differences you are seeing between camping/traveling in US and in Canada?


    1. Roxy tries to find her place at the table before we are seated or after we are done! She did steal a piece of Canadian bacon from my brother’s plate when no one was looking. She is having a blast on the trails.


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