16-18 July (Acheson/Canmore, AB)

18 July – Drove most of the day to Acheson, AB (Glowing Embers Campground). The campground was in the middle of a massive land clearing for a huge industrial park with bulldozers working all around us. Probably the largest campground in which we’ve stayed and we were glad it was just for the night. We did have a great camp meal, then made a Walmart run in Edmonton. Since the tower was right on our campsite, we were so hoping we’d be able to get good WiFi service—-wrong. Still not able to publish posts to the blog. Tomorrow, we’re on the road to Dawson Creek. Will try there.
17 July – First, drove to Lake Louise and hiked UP one steep mile through the deep woods to the lookout. I carried and rang our bear bell and took the ribbing from everyone else. But, I like to think that I saved us from one of those bears that are out there this year (reports say more bears than they’ve seen in 20 yrs). The view from the top was definitely worth the hike. Then, we drove to the magnificent Lake Moraine (which must be the most beautiful place on earth). We could have stayed there all day, but headed back to camp through the forest route and spotted a bear in the wild. Irv promptly turned the truck around and went back to take pictures (so did a dozen other cars). So, there you go, I must have run this bear out of Lake Moraine with my bear bell?! What a wonderful day we had!
16 July – Short, beautiful drive from Fort Macleod to Canmore, AB (Spring Creek Campground). Set up camp in a valley surrounded by the Rocky Mountains. They were having WiFi issues, so will have to wait to publish this blog post. We visited Banff, a beautiful up-scale tourist town (past visions of Switzerland) and the surrounding area. Watched bagpipers and drummers perform in the round and enjoyed the huge flower displays. We bought fresh vegetables at their Farmers Market (Meridianville Farmers Mkt: take note of the pic of Irv struggling to carry the load). Came back to camp and ate fresh veggies for dinner. We then discussed going 1-1/2 wk without doing laundry, as we don’t want to convert our dollar into Canadian currency. No problem, we said! So, if you see the same clothes on us for days, that’s why. We will, however, take showers. Tomorrow, we go to Lake Louise and Lake Moraine, located on the Ice Fields Parkway. The only wildlife we’ve seen so far was a couple of prairie dogs and a few deer. Maybe tomorrow!

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