Switzerland? No, Banff National Park!

After traveling through flat fields of ‘rape seed.’ more commonly known as canola, is used for canola oil, mustard seed and biodiesel fuel, we drove into Banff National Park and I thought we were in the midst of Switzerland! The mountains surrounded us 360 degrees. We had a beautiful view of The Three Sisters mountains with other huge mountains around us.


Our first day in Banff, we explored the town of Banff and picked up our 24 hour pass for the park. Banff was beautiful with the river running through the town, the beautiful hanging baskets full of colorful flowers, and the cleanliness of the streets and walkways. How they keep it so clean in Canada amazes us.


The following day, Thursday, we went onto the Icefields Parkway and stopped at Lake Louise. We took a short walk to the lake and marveled at the unusual color, a milky green. We watched as many people took advantage of the opportunity to canoe out on the peaceful lake among these gigantic mountains. e then took a hike to the overlook of Lake Louise. It was straight up hill! Coming down was wonderful! At least the weather cooperated with us as it was a clear and cool day in the 70’s with a nice breeze blowing all day.


We headed to Lake Moraine in the truck and found that place even more crowded than Lake Louise. Once we hiked up the Rockfield Mountain trail (.8km) of rock steps and dusty terrain, we understood the draw of the lake. Its color was very different from Lake Louise as it was a clear emerald green. From one vantage point you could see 10 different peaks in one direction. Having looked at these mountains from their base, it was a ‘wowing’ moment being up amongst the peaks and firs!


Heading back to our campsite we actually saw our first ‘brown’ bear. (There seems to be a difference of opinion among us as to what kind of bear it was, grizzly or black, but it sure looked brown in real life and the pictures! Guess what my vote was?)



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