22-23 July (Watson Lake, Yukon)

22 July – Drove to Watson Lake, Yukon (Downtown RV Park). The mountains, lakes and streams were beautiful. At the beginning of the trip we were up high enough to look down on the clouds in the valley (a lot like flying in a plane). You’re always on the lookout for wildlife along the road (or on the road). Today, we saw about 13 black bear, a huge herd of buffalo (with their young), and stone sheep; but, alas only Irv said he saw a moose. We were told that when you meet a buffalo or herd on the road, stop and let them be, because they will riddle your vehicle. It’s hard to just sit and watch them walk down the road toward you and hopefully walk on past. They are so intimidating.
As expected, parts of the highway were under construction (re-paving) and we had some delays along the way. Mud caking on vehicles is a major issue along the way, although no one seems to mind (or are just used to it). Campgrounds provide RV and truck wash stations, but we’ll just wait awhile to do that.
The water of Muncho Lake was like glass. We stopped at Liard’s natural Hot Springs and went swimming in boiling water (not really, but it sure felt that hot in spots). It was a weird experience, but refreshing.
After arriving at Watson Lake, went to the Northern Lights Center planetarium where we watched a program on Black Holes and the Northern Lights. The Center had displays of the Canadian astronauts and their space travel supplies they use in the NASA program (like our Hsv Space and Rocket Center). Then, we went to eat at 9:30pm. It doesn’t get dark until midnight here, and we think it gets light again about 4:00am. I actually like that, but wake up at 5:00am every morning, because that’s 7:00 CST. This will eventually catch up with me. 
23 July – Arrived in Whitehorse, Yukon (High Country RV Park). Will spend 2 nights here so Ron can have the oil changed in the truck.


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