24 July (Beaver Creek, Yukon)

24 July – During breakfast this morning, we decided to head to Beaver Creek (Discovery Yukon Campground). Having slept in, we didn’t get on the road until 10:30. I wish we had timed ourselves packing up as it went like a well-rehearsed fire drill! Continuing to follow the Alaska Highway, we passed the Old Man in the Mountain and Canada’s highest peaks with the world’s only non-polar ice fields. Even though we were having a cloudy day, our drive around Kluane Lake was beautiful. We couldn’t imagine what it would like on a clear day. The only wildlife we saw today was one grizzly bear on the side of the road.
Town populations of 55, 173, 99, etc. amaze us. Whitehorse population of 27K+ is two-thirds of Yukon’s total population. Whitehorse is the capital of Yukon.
The roads are “a little” on the rough side. No, they’re a lot on the rough side. At times, our driving speed never got over 30 mph. Ron tried to find the smoothest part of the road by sometimes driving on the wrong side of a two-lane, unmarked, gravel highway. Did I mention the only traffic we meet are 18 wheelers and campers?! He ignored Laura’s warnings/advice to get on the right side of the road. Will leave it to your imagination as to how she liked that! Fuel stations are few and far between. We re-fuel every chance we get, even with a half tank full. Our GPS has been a lifesaver (although it was off base by 30km today), and the Mile Post book is our second bible right now.
We grilled burgers for dinner (see Roxy’s interest) even though there are bears in the campground. We laughed at their sign out front of the office about if you’re being chased by bears to NOT run into the office. However, they explained that they are dead serious about it. It has happened more than once. We just can’t imagine what makes someone decide to run a Good Sam campground in the middle of nowhere, in the wilderness. But , it’s very nice and peaceful here. Our next door camper turned out to be a writer for the Mile Post and we had a very nice visit with her.


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