25 July – We Have Arrived in Alaska!!

(Combined input)
Today, it is rainy and low clouds. We have been driving through a lot of road construction and wilderness. The trees are very scraggly, mostly fir, with a lonesome birch every now and then. In 2 hrs time, we drove a total of 50 miles. We had to stop several times for the construction and to be escorted by a pilot car (truck) through the slush. See what that pilot car looks like–well, it’s the same way our white truck and camper look like! On Day 20 of our travel, at 11:00 (AK time), 2:00 (Dunham time), and 3:00 (Berry time), we finally crossed over into Alaska and ended the Alaska Highway travel. Wahoo! It’s really quite a misnomer–The Alaska Highway is NOT in Alaska, but in Canada (most of the 1,400 miles) and it is really something else! After crossing over, the road became much, much better. Go figure! We now have theories about our tax dollars and where they are going, but that’s not for this blog.
IMG_20140725_103806_240IMG_20140725_104050_192 IMG_20140725_111238_895
We checked into our campground (Smith’s Green Acres), then went grocery shopping and to eat at “The Cave” restaurant. It was delicious! Apparently, the campground has some resident moose that roam about. Actually, we think moose are just a fantasy and they really don’t exist. We will spend the weekend here in Delta Junction and attend the Deltana Fair. We think they are having an outhouse race on Sunday, and we wouldn’t want to miss that!


3 thoughts on “25 July – We Have Arrived in Alaska!!

  1. Congratulations! What a trip you have had so far. Can’t wait to see and hear about all the things you see and do in our largest state. Is that right? Is it the largest state?


  2. Glad you all arrived in one piece… We had the Cruise in on Friday & Saturday. It seemed to be a huge success. Participants & Spectators were jammed packed every where. It was hot, but had a nice breeze. Love the blog & pictures…


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