26-27 July – (Delta Junction, AK)

Now that we’ve finished the Alaska Highway (all 1,422 miles of it), we can change our clothes and do laundry!
Remember when we started in Dawson Creek?!IMG_5459
26 July – What better way to celebrate our first full day in Alaska, but to attend the Deltana Fair! We like to think they had a parade just for us, but I think they do this every year. After the parade, we went to the IGA grocery store to have coffee and donuts. (Kids: note our AK sweatshirts you gave us for Christmas. They came in handy on this brisk morning.)
IMG_20140726_110318_802 What a fun day it was being among our military families from Ft. Greely and cheering on the Strongman competition and the mud bog racing. What a hoot! To our grandkids: Nana and Grampa are thinking of building a mud bog in Meridianville and buying y’all an ATV to run it in. The under 10 division had a great time running that course. Sorry I didn’t get any pics of them. But, I know that you (and your parents) would just love it. The winner of the event was a snow ski mobile coming in at 4.9 seconds, but that was too scary for me. On the Strongman competition: Jason, you might have cringed to see them backwards throwing beer kegs (ranging from 20 to 45 lbs) over the competition sign. This one guy was successful in throwing them ALL over the sign. He threw the first 3 kegs over with one hand. The same guy won pulling a Humvee with a rope and lifting the car 14 times. Amazing!
Ron enjoyed the fire trucks in the parade and especially the hose truck. We think implementing this at the Campbellsville parade on July 4th would be a good way to cool the crowd off on a hot KY day.
27 July – It’s raining today and the Berrys slept in until 9:30! (Laura: With the use of my new eye mask, I could have stayed in bed all day listening to the rain gently falling on the roof of the camper!) This is a rest day and a day to plan our next stop–the North Pole! We did go to the meat market and bought some Yak meat for grilling. Then, visited a section of the Alaskan pipeline near Delta Junction. (We also went to the Visitor’s Center for the pictures you see above. We had to include time in our day to catch up on laundry. Please note our outfits for our pictures today. The temperature was in the low 50’s. We enjoy talking to the locals and getting the scoop on where to eat, what to see, along with hearing their views on local politics.)


2 thoughts on “26-27 July – (Delta Junction, AK)

    1. We are really enjoying reading that y’all are seeing things we also saw when we were there. Can’t wait every day to see why y’all do next. Keep having fun!! Some awesome sites there huh!! 🙂


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