28-29 July (North Pole/Fairbanks, AK)

28 July – Stopped at the North Pole (Santa Claus House) and enjoyed some shopping time. Since we can’t seem to find a moose, Irv decided to impersonate one.
We arrived in Fairbanks, AK (River’s Edge) in the afternoon. After setting up camp, Irv grilled our Yak burgers (delicious).
29 July – First, we ate ham chowder and homemade pie (my favorite, rhubarb) at the Hilltop Truck Stop.
Went to the Gold Dredge #8 where we boarded a train and listened to a narration of the beginning of the Alaska gold rush, panned for gold and viewed another section of the pipeline up close and personal. <IMG_5523
After getting our gold find weighed (mine was worth $9), we handled the $75,000 piece of gold found at that site. We decided against purchasing it, as it was really too large for a pendant.
The flowers still amaze us. This pic of Laura was made with the flower containers of dredge buckets.


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