30 July (Fairbanks, AK)

30 July – Before leaving the Fairbanks campground, Connie picked a bunch of free rhubarb at our camp site. This plant grows as a weed here, and it’s a favorite of ours.
Onward to Denali (Cantwell RV Park). Again, we had some road construction delays, but we enjoyed looking at the mountainous region along the way and at the stops. Laura and Connie kept opening the truck windows in order to take pics of the mountains, and poor Irv about froze to death, even with a blanket. (Note this chattering teeth episode.)
After setting up camp, we went back to get a picture of Mt. McKinley since it was such a beautiful day. We’ve scheduled an 8-hr bus tour on August 1st to take us through the Denali National Park; so hopefully the weather will be kind to us like today in order to get some good pics.
And guess what—Connie spotted a moose in the marsh on the way back to camp!! Wahoo! They actually do exist. BTW: She is expected to receive the Master Wildlife Spotter award for this trip as she has been the first to spot the bear, buffalo, and now the moose.


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