31 July (Denali Visitor Center)

31 July – The last day of July (Day 26)! We went to the Denali Visitor Center and took in a dogsled demonstration, met all the dogs and had a chance to pet them. They were a bit sluggish due to the warm weather (65 degrees).
Then, drove out Parks Road about 10 miles to get a different perspective of Mt. McKinley, but alas clouds and haze completely obscured the view. We were just saying that each day seems to bring something new and exciting. Today, on our way back to camp, we saw Bullwinkle! Big ‘ol moose! As Marie Perry said about their trip this year, “When traffic comes to a dead stop and people are getting out of their car, you start to get excited about what they are photographing.” This animal was huge, and he seemed to be devouring an entire tree!


One thought on “31 July (Denali Visitor Center)

  1. I love all of your pictures. I especially love the Moose pictures! I can tell you are having a wonderful time – I’m enjoying the blogs and planning my trip to Alaska.


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