7-8 August (Seward, AK)

7 August – We drove to the Seward Information Center today for booking a 7-hr whale-watching tour for tomorrow and to go to the Exit Glacier. We also stopped by the library/museum and learned that this little seaside town was totally wiped out by an earthquake and tsunami in 1964. Miraculously, only 12 people died as a 100-foot wave came in and immediately went back out, causing gas and oil fires to burn the town down. Today, the Seward Harbor is a beautiful sight.
So, some of us didn’t realize that all ice glaciers are blue. We learned the reason, but won’t go into that on the blog. You can Google it, if interested. We hiked up to the glacier and tried to get some good pictures. Again, can’t do it justice.
Last night, we had walked up to the lodge just up the hill from our campground and enjoyed the overlook, and yes, Connie (our Master Game Spotter) spotted a black bear at the river below. We watched as a fisherman who was in the river tried to get out of the water and evade the bear in order to get his cooler of fish into one the houses nearby. It really was quite comical and a mom and her two sons from Michigan (who were there on a Princess Cruise) came over to see what we were watching. We talked at length about our travel and they mentioned they were going on a fishing trip today but wouldn’t be able to keep the salmon that they caught. Connie said, “Hey, if you catch anything, just bring it over to our campsite and we’ll put it on the grill.” Haha! Well, when we returned around 6:00 from our trip to Seward, we had some (wait, a huge amount) of salmon left for us that the boys had caught. The boys were delighted that they were getting to actually eat some of what they had caught and we had a delicious meal. Can’t get any fresher than that! Now, our little camper freezer is full of Alaskan salmon and we’ve made new friends. How fun is that?!
8 August – Drove back to Seward only to find our whale-watching tour had been cancelled due to rain and fog. So, with our refund and a 50% off on aquarium tickets, that’s what we did today. Came back to camper and took a nap with the rain gently coming down on the camper.


One thought on “7-8 August (Seward, AK)

  1. Sorry you didn’t get to go on the whale watching tour. Perhaps you will still get one in before too long. Byrl & I hiked 4 miles into see Exit Glacier when we went to Seward. Isn’t is amazing at how close one can get t o that particular Glacier? We also ate at a restaurant in Seward, & the waiter who waited on us is from Huntsville, Al. Amazing!!! :-). When we spent two weeks in Juneau, we were able to get fairly close to The Mendenhall Glacier. They are awesome aren’t they?


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