11 August (Kenai Peninsula, AK)

11 August – Our day was greeted by a beautiful rainbow and 3 bald eagles soaring over the water at our campsite.
We drove to Anchor Point, which is the western most part of the North American continent that can be reached by a continuous highway (or as we like to say: the “end of the earth”).
While there, we witnessed a tractor boat launch, which was quite amusing. Fishing boats would come into shore (some very fast), run upon the back of a ramp hooked to the back of tractors. I related the tractors as looking like “Mater” of the Cars movie.
Then, we drove back to Homer Spit to the Lands End Point where Alaska Hwy #1 ends. We watched salmon catches being cleaned and looked inside the Salty Dawg Saloon (which is entirely covered walls, ceilings, doors, etc. with dollar bills that people have signed and pinned up).
IMG_5817IMG_5815IMG_5805 IMG_1992
We ate at Capt. Pattie’s Seafood Restaurant. Wonderful halibut, clam chowder, salmon, etc. Walking back to the truck, we said goodbye to our bald eagle friend who lives on top of the tsunami warning sirens.
Tomorrow, we head back to Wasilla.


2 thoughts on “11 August (Kenai Peninsula, AK)

    1. Great Pics Connie…. Isn’t the restaurant with the dollar bills something else!! 🙂 we are loving that y’all are seeing so much of the same things that we saw. Y’all are doing the trip the right way for sure!! What did you think of the “Homer Spit”? Wasn’t that interesting ! So happy for y’all to go on this “journey”!! Keep having fun!!


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