12-14 August (Wasilla/Bird Point, AK)

12 August – Came back out of the Kenai Peninsula because we couldn’t go any further that way (thus the word peninsula). On our way back to Wasilla, we decided we’d like to see the bore tide either at Beluga Point or Bird Point (before Anchorage) and Connie called the Information Center to get the time of this occurrence. No problem—-we had enough time to get to Big Bear Campground (Wasilla), unhook and drive back an hour in order to see the bore tide come in. When we returned to the site, we learned we had been given the wrong time and we missed it by about 10 minutes. We were pretty hungry and looked up a pizza place in Anchorage (thank you again, Google). This is a Tuesday night, folks, at 9:00 pm and we waited the 45-minutes which is apparently the norm at the Moose Tooth Pizzeria. Yes, it was worth the wait! But, we just have to laugh because we find ourselves eating dinner at 10:00 pm or later. It has to do with the fact that it’s still very light outside.
13 August – Well, we don’t give up easily. With the correct times in place, we extended our stay at Wasilla and drove the hour back to Bird Point. We weren’t disappointed this time.
IMG_2053 IMG_20140813_184035_349 IMG_5830 After leaving there, we stopped by Bird Creek off Turnagain Arm and watched some serious salmon fishing. This young lady was a real inspiration. One of us said no fish is worth all that muck. IMG_5839 IMG_2092 14 August – Drove to Valdez (Bay Side RV Park) and set up camp in the rain. Apparently, it rains a lot here. Again, we had a different amazing scenery during the drive (Ron was driving again–sorry, Ron!) Glaciers are awesome! We love to talk with the locals when we have the opportunity. Today, we stopped at the Fireweed Café at Glenallen and talked with a young waitress who was elated about recently getting a well at her house, so now she can buy a washing machine and dryer! They have been hauling water on a weekly basis for 15 years! We didn’t ask how she had been doing laundry–apparently at a laundramat. She drives 40 miles to work every day, but says she loves living in the wilderness. We’ve been wondering how these people live through the winter here at Valdez, getting 27 ft. of snow with 20 hours of darkness a day. How do they get their essentials? Fresh fruits and vegetables are practically nil and very expensive. Thus, the population has a scurvy issue. It’s hard for us to understand this lifestyle when we run to the supermarket every other day and purchase anything we need!
IMG_20140814_162352_647 IMG_20140814_112015_437 IMG_20140814_112531_685 IMG_2096


One thought on “12-14 August (Wasilla/Bird Point, AK)

  1. The type fishing you saw is called “combat fishing”. It is neat how the fishermen & women work together. I was able to get in on the combat fishing on our first trip to Alaska. It is a lot of fun and productive.


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