15 August (Valdez, AK)

15 August – First full day at Valdez (Bayside RV). We are parked in like sardines at this campground, but that’s the way of the seaside fishing areas. First picture is what we see out back of our camper, the second picture is that of Laura pointing to the canopy (coming within a few inches of our camper) of our neighbor on one side. It is a pretty area, but we’re unable to see very much because of the rain and fog today.
With it still raining, we chose to do the museums today. Valdez was destroyed in the 1964 earthquake and was moved to a new site in 1966. And, of course, the great Exxon Valdez oil spill occurred here in 1989. These residents are resilient! One museum had a gun they use on their mosquitoes. Irv is always pestering his sister! (Honestly, we have not been bothered by mosquitoes this whole trip, as we suspected we would be.)
A local suggested we go to the Solomon Gulch Hatchery to see bears. We went there and were amazed at the salmon (and seals). No sign of bear today! Apparently, they don’t like the rain either.
The beautiful waterfall across the road from the hatchery is supposedly where the bear live.


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