18 August (Destruction Bay, Yukon)

18 August – After a sourdough pancake breakfast, which we didn’t care for much (sourdough makes good bread, but not so good pancakes), we headed to Destruction Bay, Yukon. Again, we had no difficulties getting through Customs. Then, we hit those roads from hel… oops, I mean Yukon. Our speed had to drop down to 35 mph for 150 miles, but we made it safe and sound (and it’s still raining). They had been praying for rain here, so I guess we brought it with us. We were pleasantly surprised when the manager of the Destruction Bay Campground greeted us outside as we pulled in (in the rain) and invited us to dinner. He was hosting a dinner for Fantasy Tours consisting of 18 RV units. He pitched his infamous baron beef roast (Ron thought he said bear and beef roast—-actually, we all thought the same thing.), baked potato salad, tossed green salad with his 7-wine balsamic vinaigrette, and apple brown betty. It was a wonderful meal. Then, lo and behold, after he finishes serving the meal, he runs off to shower, change clothes and comes back to give us an hour of entertainment of story-telling and singing. He was a one-man show; host, chef, and entertainer!
We just never know what we will run into next. We were able to talk with some members of the caravan, and the Dunhams met some folks from Cullman, AL. Then Connie spots a lady with an Auburn jacket and commences to yell “War Eagle!” to her, but had to yell it twice before she turned around. She had inherited the jacket from her husband who bought it from a Wal-Mart sale rack in Florida, and she didn’t have a clue what “War Eagle” meant. Connie asked her if people haven’t said that to her before, and she replied, “Well, yes, but I’m a graduate of Duke (at which time Ron and Irv groaned in dismay), but I don’t recognize what they are saying.” What a hoot!!
While dining, we were pleasantly surprised to see another rainbow outside our window where we were seated.


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