20-21 August (Skagway, AK)

20 August – We made a day trip to Skagway, AK from Whitehorse, Yukon (our last day in Alaska). The scenery along the way was breathtaking—mirror lakes, deep gorges, ice glaciers, green mountains, waterfalls, and the world’s smallest desert (Carcross Desert). The desert is actually an ancient lake dried up from glacier silt.
Skagway is a tourist port for the cruise ships, but it was still fun to go there.
Lots of jewelry stores full of tanzanite, jade, blue diamonds, sapphires, diamonds and every stone you can imagine. Competition is fierce among the jewelers. Laura and Connie were working great prices on rings when the husbands stepped in and put a stop to the negotiations. Oh, well!
On the way back to Whitehorse, we saw yet another black bear and a grizzly. The grizzly came up on his hind legs and looked enormous. Later, we learned she had cubs with her.
The guys have wanted us to include in our blog about the number of bicyclists we see along the Alaskan Hwy—sometimes just one alone in the wilderness, miles from nowhere. We don’t understand why anyone would want to do that!! There is so much wildlife out there to encounter. We just call them “Meals on Wheels.” 
Another noteworthy mention on the roadsides is that of names or messages written on the dirt banks with small stones. This practice was started in 1990 by a Ft. Nelson swim team. Also, there are a lot of “Inukshuks” which are rock cairns built by Inwit Indians as land marks. Kind of reminds you of Stonehenge rock formations. (Sorry, no pics of that.)


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