22 August (Iskut, BC)

22 August – 196 miles on the Cassiar Highway to Iskut, BC (Mountain Shadow Campground). This is unchartered territory today on what we understand is really rough, sometimes gravel road. Note: When traveling in Canada, do not waste your money on cell phone international packages, because you won’t be able to use it anyway in Alberta, British Columbia, and the Yukon.
We discovered Jade City along the way and, naturally, had to stop and shop. They mine the jade here and bring in huge boulders and cut it into jewelry, etc. Very interesting!
Pretty rough traveling on the Cassiar Hwy, not to mention there are no lane markings. But, we are here safe and sound (thank you, Lord)! We saw another glacier coming into the campground area.
We are camping out in the middle of nowhere, folks, but it’s beautiful here. IMG_5922IMG_5921
The guys have been practicing with taking close up pictures of the fireweed. It’s everywhere. This particular one caught the bees doing their job.
We continue to be amazed at God’s beautiful earth, and to Him we give thanks for this wonderful and safe journey.


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