23 August (Stewart, BC)

23 August – This blog post is being written by Connie on our way (150 miles) to Stewart, BC (Big Bear RV Park) so as to give a more detailed account of one of our days. In the beginning, Ron gets to drive on the wrong side of the road (due to more road construction).
Moose!! We had been told to watch for bear, not moose!
Aw, there’s a black bear! We have to wait for it to cross the road in front of us. No, we didn’t get a pic of that one. We wonder how long we will continue to be forever looking for wildlife when we return from our trip. We stop at a pull-off to go back into the camper to make PBJ sandwiches, and Connie makes sure the door was closed after seeing that bear! On the road again—oops, another bear in a curve so we can’t stop to get its picture either.

Note: This is the only way to do this trip. Not only do you have your home and food supply with you, but you always have a restroom available. There are many, many miles between any type of facilities and we would not want to try to find lodging other than campgrounds or RV parks. We depend on the “Mile Post” manual for mile by mile information and our GPS to get us to the next stop. We’ve been really blessed to find diesel when we need to re-fuel and have sweated it out only on a couple of occasions. We have had no cell phone service for 4 days while in Canada (even though we purchased the international plans, both AT&T and Verizon). In hindsight, perhaps we should have brought a satellite phone to use here. Wait! The road has changed! We now have a yellow line down the middle and white lines on the sides of the road and it’s somewhat smooth. Yay!! We carry extra truck and trailer tires. If we break down on these rough roads out in the wilderness, it’s up to us to fix it! We can’t call for help!

The “Mile Post” gives us the population of each little town we go through. Stewart has a whopping 700 people! We’ve actually been in places with only 10 people in them. Oops, another black bear! They appear to be everywhere. It’s so hard to get pics of them while avoiding hitting them. It should be exciting at our campsite tonight!

Again, the scenery is breathtaking. Irv and Connie (riding in the backseat today) literally cannot see the tops of the mountains (they are that high). We are so glad the sun is shining so we can see yet a different type landscape. Glaciers! One massive blue one is called Bear Glacier (appropriately named). It comes right down to the water! Amazing sight! This makes up for the Glacier Bay tour that we weren’t able to take because of the weather, and it’s FREE. The many waterfalls are adding to the gushing rapids of the brooks. The beauty just doesn’t end!
We arrived at the campground and tried to make a credit card call from their phone booth without success. Other friendly campers suggested we go to a downtown Stewart hotel to use their phone, which worked.
IMG_20140823_151940_045 IMG_20140823_144006
After setting up camp, we went to Hyder, AK recreation center (about 3 miles from Stewart) to hopefully view grizzly bears feed on salmon in the stream. They have a wooden protected walkway over the stream for viewing and photography. It was a very slow day for bears today, with only a 6:00am visit by one grizzly. (They must have all been out on the highway!) We may try to go back tomorrow at 6:00 am, if we can get up that early. Hyder is a ghost town (reason unknown at this time). We ate at the Bitter Creek Restaurant in Stewart tonight—best salmon and seafood chowder we’ve had!


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