25 August (Telkwa, BC)

25 August – Drove 212 miles to Telkwa, BC (Fort Telkwa RV Park), encountering 22-wheeler logging trucks who apparently think they own the highway. It’s really quite unnerving seeing one coming toward us simply flying when there are quite a few single lane wooden bridges to cross on the Cassiar Hwy. But, seriously, this is the best road we’ve had on the trip. We drove in 4 hours what we normally do in 6 hours. We actually thought we were going to be too early for check-in to our campsite.
It really looks like fall here—the trees have turned a bright yellow. No bears in the road today, but we did see two, one of which was peeking out of the bushes at the traffic. Interesting signs along the way: avalanche area (that would be rocks, folks), end of avalanche area, watch for livestock (apparently their cows and horses, etc. just roam about without fences).
We’ve been in the wilderness for so long, when driving into Telkwa, we were so excited to see an actual town! What?! DQ, McDonald’s, KFC, and a full-fledged grocery store (I bet they have fresh fruit and veggies in there!!). Guess what our itinerary is for the evening! First, we’ll dine at KFC, bop over to DQ for dessert, then we’ll go grocery shopping! AND, we have great WiFi at the campsite and our cell phones work. Life is Good! Thank you, Lord, for all your many blessings and for keeping us safe on this journey.


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