26 August (Prince George, BC)

26 August – We called (yes, phone service for the first time in 5 days) Grandma Dunham for her 96th birthday. What a blessing she is! We drove 220 miles today to Prince George, BC (Bee Lazee RV). In following along in the “Mile Post” we noticed that the world’s largest fly rod (60’ long w/21” fly) was in Houston, BC. So, of course, we had to stop for photos. This was built by local avid fishermen volunteers. We don’t understand why, but hey, whatever! And, Connie thought the picnic table made of logs was super.
Every morning, during our prayer time, we always ask for traveling mercies (among other things), and today we felt God’s protection. While stopped at a rest stop about 30 miles out from of our campground for the night, we noticed a camper tire showed more wear than we had noticed at first. The “Mile Post” revealed there was a Canadian Tire store in Prince George, so we stopped there on the way in. Remember, we carry 2 spare tires for the camper. Well, we had to use them both today, because both back tires were ready to shred. So, now we have no spares. While Ron and Irv change the tires, Connie checked with the store to see if they had any trailer tires that would fit (they are hard to find, and normally have to be ordered, taking up to a week to obtain). Well, they had 2 already on rims in stock.
We don’t consider this just luck—but divine intervention. Yes, the tires were twice as much as we would have spent, but we felt so blessed! Considering where we had been traveling for the last 5+ days, hundreds of miles from nowhere, this could have been disastrous. Thank you, Lord (again)!


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