27 August (Cache Creek, BC)

27 August – We drove 226 miles on E. Trans Canada Hwy to Cache Creek, BC (Brookside RV). This should be our last night in Canada. We stopped along the way in Lake McLeese at the Cariboo Wood Shop and bought fudge (does this make sense?) and ate a picnic lunch on their picnic table. This high desert terrain is yet another one unlike anything we’ve seen so far. Horse ranches, lumber yards, log houses, log furniture, and logging trucks are in abundance.
Roxy has been helping us navigate with the “Mile Post”, but she thinks she might need glasses like everyone else in this truck!
And, Cache Creek has a Dairy Queen. Ron Berry has to stop at every one that he sees, and they seem to be everywhere. Someone told us there would be a Walmart everywhere, but no, it’s DQ!


One thought on “27 August (Cache Creek, BC)

  1. This has to be a trip of a lifetime—-exploring new places, sharing good times with some of your favorite people. This trip will provide many memories, and just think of all the stories you can tell your grandchildren!


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