29-30 August (Seattle, WA)

29 August – A much needed rest, laundry and grocery shopping day at Everett, WA.
30 August – We took public transit (bus) from Everett into the city of Seattle and took a city tour on “The Duck.” These are fully-restored WWII amphibious landing crafts. It was so much fun! It’s a little strange to go into the water on something you just rode the streets on. We saw some really interesting sights, both historical and on the streets. 🙂 While waiting for our 4:00pm “Duck” tour, we went into Buffalo Wild Wings and watched half of the Auburn/Arkansas game.
Floating houses worth $2 million.
We walked down the Pike Place Market where they throw fish, and huge bouquets of flowers are everywhere (for $5-$10). While walking around the market, Irv spotted a couple of little girls who appeared to be lost (good job, Grampa Irv). They were holding hands and walking around frantically telling each other to be calm. One was about to break into tears when we went over to them and asked if they were lost. We managed the situation until their dad showed up. What a relief! Can’t imagine that happening to us, especially in a crowded area like that.

After returning to camp, we had a sandwich and crashed for the night!


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