31 August (Deception Pass State Park, WA)

31 August – The last day of August and it was a beautiful sunny day! Today, we drove to Deception Pass State Park and watched the sailboats, speed boats, fishing boats and those fishing from the shore. We hiked up to the top (Connie first saw the non-poisonous snake—didn’t matter, it was a snake. Connie doesn’t like snakes!) and walked across the bridge (Ron spotted a seal which appeared to be performing for us).
There were huge trees which you really can’t see the tops looking straight up at them. Does anyone know what they are? We don’t think they are redwoods?
We ate outside at the Shrimp Shack. It was wonderful!
Moving on down past Whidbey Island and Ft. Casey, we stopped to tour the Admiralty Head Lighthouse at Coupeville.
We picked up the ferry at Clinton and came back to Everett. Tomorrow, we head down the Oregon coast.


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