1-2 September (Tillamook, OR)

1 September – A driving day (with us losing a third tire on the trailer) to Tillamook, OR (Pleasant Valley Campground). It’s a very nice campground with hundreds (yes, hundreds) of rabbits running around on the grounds. Each site has at least 3 rabbits and the fields are loaded with them. So much fun to watch them and the other animals (alpaca, goats, pony, etc.)
This is Dairyland. Irv and Connie visited the huge Tillamook Cheese Factory and bought cheese curds (Irv loves those things). Brought home a Papa Murphy’s pizza and baked it for dinner.
2 September – We drove the Hwy 101 loop along the Oregon Pacific coast, first going to Cape Meares.
Next, we went out a narrow one-way bumpy road to Munson Falls. We felt like we were in the Rain Forest.
Then, on down to the Haystack Rock Beach where we ate lunch (at the Pelican) and watched the surfers. Walked up on top of the sand dune and looked down on the cave that the waves were crashing down into.
This is the first time for 3 of us to visit Oregon. After this trip, Irv will have visited 49 of the 50 states.


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