5-6 September (Eden, ID)

5 September – Drove 300 miles through Oregon into Eden, Idaho (Anderson Camp RV). We didn’t have any exciting scenery today. We did cross the 45th Parallel (1/2 between the equator and North Pole). All we saw were brown hills, sage brush, trains, cows, sheep and more windmills. After setting up camp, we drove to Twin Falls, ate at a Mexican restaurant (it’s Friday), then grocery shopped at Fred Meyer. Fred Meyer has become our one-stop store of choice for groceries, discount diesel, pharmacy, etc. We can use our Kroger card there. Much better than Walmart!
6 September – Drove through 3 states today from Idaho, through Utah past Salt Lake City to Lyman, WY (Lyman KOA RV Park). We saw interesting terrain with farmland, windmills (sound familiar?), beautiful blue sky with white fluffy clouds, rock formations and long straight roads that go uphill (elevations of 5,000 ft).
Connie loves the windmills and takes too many pictures of them. Ron likes to take pictures of roads signs. Today, the one we liked most was the one to slow down from 80mph to 75mph on the curves and not to stop for dust storms. 🙂
We stopped along the roadside to photograph Devil’s Slide rock formation.
We set up camp, ate dinner and laundered clothes for hours. Coming out of the laundry, we saw quite a nice sunset. Goodnight everyone!


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