7 September (Laramie, WY)

7 September – We haven’t said much about our co-habitation effort in the camper. It has really worked out very well, with both sides giving and taking in order to make it a harmonious experience. The Dunhams are early risers (usually around 6:30). The Berrys would sleep all day if allowed to do so. So, the Dunhams get dressed, work on the computer, make noise, etc. and wait patiently on their bed, hoping that the Berrys get up at a decent hour. Ron took this picture of the Dunhams waiting for 8:00. Seriously, though, we’re usually on the road by 9:45 each day.
Today, we drove 250 miles to Laramie, WY (Laramie KOA RV Park). We had our 4th tire change on the camper, but feel blessed on every count that we were in good places to change tires. The rest stop was good, but signs told us that rattlesnakes reside there also. Not a warm, fuzzy feeling on that! The landscape is so that you can see forever!
In Arlington, we drove past the largest windmill farm in the U.S. According to Google (we use this all day long), there are 1,000 in this one area. Connie coerced Ron to take pictures of the windmills, because they were on his side of the road. He said far too many pictures have already been taken of windmills, but he yielded and snapped a few pics.
You find yourself thinking about these open ranges, cowboys and Indians (coming over the rise), horses and ranches. Irv took this pic of what appeared to be Indian smoke signals (hey, it could happen).
Antelope live within cow herds and are really plentiful.


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