9-10 September (Goodland, KS)

9 September – Drove 300 miles through Denver to Goodland, KS (Goodland KOA Campground). Found that one trailer tire’s valve stem was bad and had lost ½ of its air pressure. Took the tire off (5th tire change) and will wait until the tire store opens in the morning.
10 September – Connie and Irv got up early and took the tire to get it fixed at 7:00, letting the Berrys sleep in. Well, due to their cell phone time being messed up, they got up at 6:45 instead of 7:45 in order to take advantage of the campground breakfast (which was great). This would be an hour earlier than normal for them. They were not happy campers when they were told it was only 7:30 and they had lost yet another hour of sleep. Plus, today we went to CST (God’s time)! Yay! They are going to be so messed up when returning to EST. We drove 300 miles to Paxico, KS (Mill Creek Campground). We passed through more KS farmland, windmills, and oil wells. While stopping 20 miles out, we checked the tires (as we do every time we stop), and lo and behold, another tire issue (this is the last of the old tires we started with). We decided to limp into the campground and change the tire (the 6th tire change, 5th tire). We now have brand new tires all way around the camper! We’re thinking Irv and Ron now qualify for a NASCAR pit crew (if they ever start racing campers).
This campground is very nice except for the fact it sits right next to a railroad track–4 trains in less than 3 hours. It may be a l-o-n-n-g night!


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