Big, Bigger, Biggest!

August 18, 2016

Today we had a short drive on I-94 to Medora, ND, so we stopped to see the world’s largest Holstein cow, Salem Sue!

From Salem we took a detour from Gladstone to Regent, ND, to see large sculptures of flying geese, deer, grasshoppers, pheasants, ‘Teddy (Roosevelt) Rides Again’ (his horse named Mulley), fish, and the ‘Tin Family!’ We enjoyed a wonderful lunch at the pheasant sculpture. It was so quiet and peaceful in the middle of these HUGE fields of wheat! 

We gained another hour today as we moved into the Mountain Time zone. 

North Dakota not only grows soybeans, corn, hay, and wheat, the majority of our sunflower seeds come from these rolling flat lands.  

As we drove closer to our campground, the small rolling swells in the ground turned into the badlands of ND. 

(Badlands pictures to come.)


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