North Side of Teddy Roosevelt NP

Thursday night we enjoyed the Medora Musical. It was an outdoor theatre much like the Stephen Foster outdoor theatre in Bardstown, Ky. 

Friday morning we woke up to some chilly temps of 45. Ron decided it was time to find a WalMart to get some long pants. It seems his jeans never made it to the camper – oops, Laura!

We then headed to the North Side of the park and travelled its 14 mile in and out road. We saw cannonball formations and bison. 

At one stop we met a young couple that has been site seeing since January! They are from Connecticut, have their furniture stored, and are planning on building in Washington state! They are traveling in an RV and are towing their jeep. She was an administrator for an autistic school and he worked for the state. Her parents live near New Bern in Vanceport, NC. 

After talking with them we started back on the park road and saw approximately 30+ bison moving across the plains and heading up the road in the direction we were going. They meandered up the road a bit and then headed back into the fields. 

No hiking today, but maybe in a couple of days as we are headed to Yellowstone National Park tomorrow.


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