Yellowstone National Park

I think I am falling in love with this park! What a mystical feel it has to it  – mixing the ancient with the new!

As we drove to Old Faithful from the West Yellowstone entrance, we saw elk, bison, and such unusual terrain. Geysers, pools of steaming clear blue water, and bubbling and blurping mud pots! 

​​​​As we were waiting for Old Faithful to erupt, I couldn’t help but think how impatient I can be when waiting upon the Lord. And here I stood with hundreds of diverse people, expecting the eruption of Old Faithful on a promise from a ranger.  She was to erupt within a twenty minute window of time; and she did just that! People oohed and awed just at her spewing and sputtering. 

When she finally erupted, the cameras began clicking and the awes turned into a round of applause!! It was amazing! She was faithful! 

Our God is faithful! We should all be waiting with awe and anticipation for God’s promise to us! 

 Following the eruption of Old Faithful we hiked up to a ridge and watched her erupt from above. 

Hiking down we ended on a boardwalk around geysers, pools of blue water, and mud pits. As we finished our hike we were able to watch Old Faithful again and then enjoyed our bison meatloaf and turkey and dressing dinners! Delicious!


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