Rest for All

Thursday we took some time off from exploring the parks and took the truck to a car wash to get the bugs off! Yes, that was Ron’s idea of rest; Laura went with him and did some t-shirt and specialty shopping. Irv and Connie stayed with Roxy at the camper and enjoyed spoiling/ taking care of her! Haha!

Friday we began getting ready to head to Garrison, Mt, and found we had a flat tire on the trailer. The guys changed the tire and we were on our way. Not only were we still in the campground to change the tire, we had planned a short drive – 215 miles. After we arrived at Riverfront Campground and set- up, Connie and Irv went to Lee Schwab Tires in Deerlodge to see if we could get the tire repaired. They were totally impressed with the service they received! We have used them twice in our travels together and both places were extremely helpful and friendly! We highly recommend the company! It seems the air was seeping out from a cracked rim. Fixed and ready to head to Glacier National tomorrow. God was truly watching over us again today, having everything fall into place with little disruption to our plans! Always, God is good!


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