Monday, August 29, 2016

Sunday we journeyed into Glacier Park from the Columbia Falls and stopped at the Abgar Visitor Center for hiking information. We headed out to hike the Avalanche Lake Trail – 4.6 miles – moderate. It was a nice trail with a wonderful view of the lake at the end.  We didn’t have much lunch with us to enjoy – two packages of nabs for four of us and one bottle of water for each. Not real good planning, but was fun! 

After our hike we watched a gentleman and four kids jump into a creek’s pool of water. I would say they were 10 and under! We estimated the water to be 45 degrees from info we had read, and the looks on their faces as they came up from their jump told us it was COLD! Their eyes were wide open and they were gasping to get their breathe, unsuccessfully, at first! There was one adult with them, but we didn’t think they were really supposed to be doing this. It was, however, fun to watch! 

We enjoyed dinner at a local spot called the Nite Owl. We started the day there with breakfast, and thought it fitting to end our day there. Our meals were very good, pizza and buffet, but the fried bread was especially good with butter and honey!

Today we had plans for another hike at Logan Pass, but Laura was running in ‘slow’ after yesterday’s hike and Irv’s lower shin and ankle were not cooperating. He hit his shin about a week ago on the camper step and cut it, we think to the bone, and after our hike yesterday, he developed a rather large red spot on the inside of his lower leg beside the cut and was bothered with it through the night. We decided no hiking and drove the Going to the Sun Road to Logan Pass and then to St. Mary Visitor Center. A beautiful drive! (Pictures to come with better wifi!)

Tomorrow is laundry and grocery day!! Just like at home!


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