August 31 & September 1, 2016 – Wednesday & Thursday

Wednesday morning we left Glacier National Park and headed toward the coast. Wednesday we stayed in Cheney, WA. The campground was okay but we were right next to about four parallel train tracks – and boy were they busy! Laura made Ron go with her to walk Roxy because she was convinced there must be ‘hobos’ jumping on and off the train cars! Lol. Also, Roxy did not care for the concrete angel that was watching over the ‘pet walk!’ Mexican for supper! We also gained another hour today! That second extra hour seems to be hard for us to adjust to.

Thursday we were up a little earlier and on the road to Troutdale, OR. Finding a place to get gas and to make sandwiches, the guys decided to switch drivers. Seeing a little smoke way ahead of us, we began guessing what and where it might be. Coming closer to the smoke, we realized the traffic was quickly coming to a standstill and there was no traffic coming from the other direction. As we stopped in traffic, emergency trucks were splitting the traffic to get to what we thought was an accident. As time passed and word came back through the line of backed up vehicles, the accident involved an RV. The smoke was growing thicker and thicker, and we were seeing more flames climbing up the mountain side and across the top of the ridge on our left! We now had a full-fledged grass fire heading in our direction! We also saw flames on our right, between our lane and the river. Connie and Laura decided they needed to be prepared to do some walking so grabbed their tennis shoes from the camper – they were traveling in flip-flops. 

A door of a van sitting next to us opened and out piled, one by one, what seemed to be a middle-school aged soccer team! They were going to practice soccer on the other side of the road! We were beginning to get nervous and they were going to have a soccer game in the middle of the road opposite our lane!! 

Just about the time Ron came back from taking pictures of the fire – of course! – the traffic slowly began to move. Two lanes merging to one; they were getting us out of harms way. Once moving, we saw that traffic going the other direction was being diverted at a previous exit. The cause of the fire was a fifth wheel trailer – the only thing left of the trailer was its charred frame. The truck had somehow unhitched from the trailer and pulled safely away from it. 

We were very glad to be on our way and airing our truck out from all the smoke! So sad for the family that lost their fifth-wheel, but glad they appeared to be safe. 

It so dry here. 

There is also a train in this picture!

Love to all! Headed to Florence, OR tomorrow to spend Labor Day Weekend.


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