August 31, 2016 – Wednesday

Yesterday, Irv and Connie were back from grocery shopping before Ron and Laura even thought about getting up!    Before eating breakfast, Connie had us up to the campground’s laundromat sorting our clothes into the washers! As the washers were running we headed back to the camper for breakfast and fresh donuts they had found at the grocery! Delicious! Back to the laundromat to fill a few more washers and dryers, we encountered some interesting people! One fought Connie off of a washer as the woman’s washer had quit working and she had already called dibs on the empty washer! Another ‘gentleman’ came barging in and spraying his dry powder detergent all over the laundry room trying to tear the top of the package off! Following that he gruffly said, “Make way; I’m coming through!” And he did! 

After folding clothes, we headed back to the camper with our arms full and Ron says,  “Boy, older people are really pushy!” Lol!

Laura gave Roxy a bath and then we all enjoyed a day of relaxing and napping! Chicken, potatoes, and carrots were already in the crockpot for supper! 

Life is good!


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