Saturday FUN for the Four!!

After getting Irv’s leg checked, we had breakfast and then headed to take a four-wheel tour on the sand dunes! The Oregon National Dune Forest is 62 miles long and at some points as wide as four miles. The highest dune is 500′ above sea leavel. Let those dimensions sink in to your visual mind! Now, take a dune buggy ride with a skilled dune driver, add four retired adults to a beautiful cool day in the sun and you have the ride of a life-time! Better than any roller coaster! You may even experience a nice derm abrasion for a facial!! The only thing that could have made it better, from what we hear, is a little wind to smoothe out the ruts. 

Recovering from our ride, we went to the beach in the evening to watch the sun set. Beautiful!

Sunday, we had a delicious breakfast in town and then came back to the camper and set a plethora of mouse traps!! 

Once we had all the traps set, we headed to Heceta Head Lighthouse and the Sea Lion House. The lighthouse was a half-mile easy walk with wonderful views of the ocean. We stopped on the way back at the Sea Lion caves but opted not to pay to view their caves. Hoping to see some on our own.

Returning to the camper, we enjoyed a delicious steak dinner prepared by Irv on the grill!

Loving the dunes, we traipsed back up the steep hill to the dunes to see, yet, another sunset from the dunes before we left! After a fairly windy day, the dunes were totally different from two days before. A very unique and changing landscape. 

This area was certainly a surprise to all four of us! We are on the road today, Monday, September 5, headed to the Redwood National Forest. 

Pictures to come, but some have been posted on FB already. Love to all and thank you for your prayers. 


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