Tuesday, September 6, 2016

Today we headed to Humboldt’s Redwood State Park outside of Fortuna, CA. We drove the Highway of the Giant Redwoods (the old 101), a beautiful auto tour drive among trees that grew over 350′ and were 300-600 years old! We stopped at some of the markers along the way and enjoyed a couple of short hikes through the pine scented terrain. We couldn’t help but think we were in some type of magical playground, bringing back childhood memories of skipping, running, and hiding throughout the enchanted forest!

In the picture above, I’m sitting on the inside of a fallen redwood. 

After we finished the auto tour we wanted to find The Lost Coast and ended up in Eureka, CA, at the Lost Coast Brewery and Pub! We enjoyed our dinner and then ‘googled’ The Lost Coast and learned it consisted of three small towns and the area became ‘depopulated’ I believe in the 1930’s. So much for our adventure!! 

Tomorrow is ‘maintenance day’ (laundry and oil change)! Oh yes, we are thoroughly enjoying this weather – 75 H and 50’s+ L. Clear and sunny skies!!  We did have some fog and clouds move in late this afternoon. 

Goodnight all!!


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