Thursday, September 8

Traveling today to San Francisco, I am still thinking about the trees in Founder’s Grove. I feel like I am leaving an old friend behind. I doubt I will ever be in that grove again, but I will always remember the quiet sounds snd the gentle breeze made among these majestic trees. The stories these trees could tell! 

Much of the grove makes a land where child-like fantasies could easily be created and played out ever so safely. And then, you come upon the wreckage of two to three large felled trees and the devastation they caused: splintered wood large enough to make many, many telephone poles and the stripping of thick  bark 30′ down the base of another large tree standing 300 + feet away. Standing beside one of these fallen trees, it is easy to see that their diameter is well over 14′. 

Just awesome!!

Thank you for listening to my thoughts and rambling – just wanted to be able to recall yesterday in a little more detail.


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