Sunday, September 11, 2016

After a slow start this morning, we headed to Santa Rosa’s wine country.  Connie was looking for De Loatch wines for a friend so we headed there first and an older lady welcomed us at the door. We explained what we were looking for and they didn’t have any. She explained the wine tasting prices and we said it was a bit expensive. She agreed with us and continued to talk about their wines and sharing some various wine tastes with us. She would come and go, also working with customers at the tasting bar. We had such a good time with her. We ended up purchasing a couple of bottles. She suggested a couple of other nice wineries to visit that were in the Russian River area. They were the Hook & Ladder (the de Loatch wine was purchased and the son went out and started his own winery – he had been a San Francisco firefighter) and the Harvest Moon. Harvest Moon was a small winery that grew, harvested, and made their own wines, specializing in Zinfindels. Another very nice lady, Gretchen, shared her wine information with us and we enjoyed our visit her very much. 

Upon Gretchen’s recommendation, we headed to Graton for lunch. She suggested a small cafe that used a lot of home-grown and local products called Willow Wood. It was a delicious lunch/dinner!

Today has been a totally different experience from yesterday. No crowds, traffic, or crammed-in trolleys! Just very friendly people sharing their knowledge of wines and the area. 

Headed to Trader Joe’s! Connie has never been in one. I’m sure we will find some cheeses or chocolates!


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