Monday & Tuesday, September 12 & 13, 2016

Monday morning, we went to Costco and NAPA for some supplies for the camper and truck. Following that, we picked up Roxy from the camper and headed to the Golden Gate Bridge for photo opps and information. We are staying in Novato, CA, which is only about 30 minutes away from Salsalito where we catch the ferry to San Francisco. In Novato the weather was clear and sunny; we were comfortable in shorts and t-shirts with the temps in the low 70’s. In Salsalito it was cloudy and cooler so we began wearing our sweatshirts; as we drove up the hillside,we were adding hoods and anything else we had with us, which wasn’t much. Very hard to imagine how the weather can be so different in such a short distance! Even though it was still cloudy we were able to get some better pics of the bridge.


Laura was wanting to walk on the bridge, but between being cold and tired, she decided it wasn’t the best thing to do!  We headed back to the camper.


We purchased our tickets for Alcatrez over the Internet a couple of weeks in advance and knew this would be a full day! We were glad we had been to San Francisco a couple of days earlier, giving us a feel for the area and experience with the transportation systems. We were navigating like ‘pros’!

The tour was phenomenal, leaving us all feeling creepy, dirty, and unsettled.


Leaving the grime behind us as we rode the ferry back to the mainland, we enjoyed a wonderful meal at Bubba Gump’s!


One thought on “Monday & Tuesday, September 12 & 13, 2016

  1. I’ve heard from other first-time visitors to the San Francisco area about the changing weather —but your writing and photos really made the point! I’m glad you at least had hooded sweatshirts!

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