Sunday, September 15-18

Wednesday, we left the crowds of San Francisco and headed to the solitude of Ahwahnee, CA. What a contrast! We feel like we are in the middle of nowhere; definitely in bear country. We see signs of their visit to the campground dumpsters every morning!

Okay, with all the information out about this park, I missed the section where it described the road conditions! If anybody knows me, they know I hate winding roads! 

But when we made it to Glacier Point, what a view. It was stunning! 

While looking out over His Majesty’s creation, a young lady was singing the words, “. . . beautiful America . . .” to the strum of her guitar. How appropriate!  

On Friday, we drove to Tunnel View, hiked to Bridalveil Falls, and back to the camper for a delicious dinner of stroganoff, cooked by Connie and Irv. Ron and Laura had laundry duty! Worked out well. 

Before dinner the guys worked on the next few days of our trip. Tomorrow we are headed to Barstow, CA!! 


2 thoughts on “Sunday, September 15-18

  1. You may hate winding roads—but you sound like the sights were worth that scary drive! So glad you four are enjoying this trip, and you’ve been to places I now want to visit.

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