Leaving Ahwahnee, CA

Sunday, September 18, we headed to Barstow, CA. Our trip to Barstow was uneventful but we weren’t quite for sure what we thought about the place! The only thing I knew about Barstow was it was at one end of I-40. The other end being In Wilmington, NC.  Every time Ron and I went to Wilmington, NC, to visit our daughter when she was in college, we would see the sign where I-40 started: Barstow, CA     2,587 miles. (Those may not be the exact numbers, but close.) We said someday we would just drive the length of I-40. We haven’t driven the length of it, but we have covered enough of it for me!!

We stayed at Shady Lane Overnight Campground and we were a little skeptical as we pulled in to the office 

But it turned out to be okay for overnight!

This morning I saw a worker in the campground grooming the sites with a rake. We had noticed all the sites looked like they had been raked fairly recently. I suppose that is one of the jobs of this gentleman I spoke with about the trees/shrubs. Nearly each campsite had this particular type tree on it and I wanted to know what it was called. He told me it was a “aphle” tree, like maple, only no ‘m’.  He cuts the tops off of them every November and trims the growth on the trunks so it spirals up the tree! 

Can you help me with this tree?! I’m thinking this might be a shrub of some sort since he said he topped it each November. His nationality may have been Mexican or Indian. I told him he needed to share his knowledge with the younger generation and he said, “I know, but all the kids want to do is play video games these days!”

He said the tree was found among the riverbanks. As you can see he dug out around the tree and outlined it with large rocks to keep the water around the tree when he waters it. He told me this was the largest one in the park. But all the trees to the right are the same kind. Each of the trees were equipped with their sprinkler! It sure was hot and dry there – 101 when we arrived!


One thought on “Leaving Ahwahnee, CA

  1. My husband and I have driven the full I-40 three times in the past five years, and Barstow has never been our real destination! We are always headed to Santa Monica or Newport Beach or Laguna Beach—all beautiful places to visit. (I tried googling that tree—but could not find it. Also–You were very close on the number of miles from Wilmington, NC to Barstow, CA, which is 2,554, and there are many news articles about how this sign keeps being stolen.)

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