September 19-21, Mon – Wed

Monday we left Barstow and headed to Williams, AZ. That seemed to be the closest we could get to the Grand Canyon. All the park’s campgrounds were already booked two weeks out. That’s a bit too much planning ahead for us!!

Tuesday it literally rained all day long! So we took that day to rest, plan future route, and adjust to the change in elevation. 

Wednesday we headed into the park after we had a very hearty breakfast at Mr. Smokey’s. We all had a delicious breakfast, but we believe this has to be the biggest pancake served. He managed to eat the whole thing!

We headed to the Visitors Center to view the film and to pick up some maps of the park. They have an excellent transportation system throughout the park making it very easy to maneuver without wasting a lot of time waiting and trying to find parking spaces. 

We can’t say it enough on this one, pictures just don’t do it justice! You just have to see this for yourself! It is not just a ‘big whole in the ground.’ It is one of the seven natural wonders of the world created by God! There is just no way to capture or describe this beauty. I have been lucky enough to have come here three times in my lifetime. Even at the third time of seeing and feeling God’s presence, tears well up in my eyes and my throat tightens! 


One thought on “September 19-21, Mon – Wed

  1. Love this! John and I passed by the turn-off to the Grand Canyon four times on cross-country trips before we finally made time for this natural wonder. (We also loved Williams, AZ—a restaurant called the Red Raven, Brochette of Lamb entree–delicious!) I had also heard people downplay the Grand Canyon, and yet I could only stood in awe, and I can tell that you did too.

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