Thursday, September 22

Thursday, Connie and Irv (being the early risers) went to the grocery while Ron and Laura slept in. Withe groceries and breakfast done, we headed back to the Grand Canyon with 90 % chance of rain by noon and dropping to 60% for the afternoon. Our faces were a little long as we (Irv & Laura) were hoping to do a little hiking. 

We headed to the east end of the canyon to visit the Tusayan Ruins and Museum and the Desert View Watchtower. We thought these partially inside stops would be good, as it was raining intermittently.  By the time we arrived at Desert View and got out of the car, the rain stopped and the clouds began to part! We headed into the tower to see the paintings and to climb up into the tower, but the portion for the wall paintings was undergoing some renovation. We went on to the viewing area from the tower and witnessed a different section of the canyon. More beauty!

And posted on the upper wall of the Watchtower was this quote: 

As the clouds continued to break up more and more, we headed back to the Sourh Rim to hike some of the Bright Angel Trail. The complete trail is 9.6 miles long to Phantom Ranch, dropping a mile in elevation to the Colorado River, with many switchbacks. 

Irv and Laura headed down the trail thinking they would make it to the first rest station, 1.5 miles. Hiking down, they met a volunteer ranger coming back up the trail from spending the day at the rest stop. He asked them where they were going and if they had water and food. He also let them know that the next ‘tunnel’ was the 3 quarter mile marker. Irv and Laura thought they were already at least half way to the rest stop. They decided they would just go to the 3/4 mile marker. It turned out to be a wise decision by the time they made it back up the trail! Definitely decided it was not a trail for us to take in the summer. When temps on the top are 85-90, temps at the bottom by the river are 25-30 degrees hotter!


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