Friday, September 23 – 25

Today we left Williams, AZ, and headed to Glendale, AZ. A beautiful drive along a scenic highway.

Saturday, September 24

This morning we headed to Zion National Park. We had been hearing how beautiful it was and we were not disappointed at all. After having spent most of our time at Grand Canyon on the rim, at Zion you are looking up at the walls of the canyon and driving right through the middle of them. 

We took the Riverwalk Trail, the beginning of infamous The Narrows Trail. This trail is literally the Virgin River for 9 miles, meaning you are wading in 56 degree water and sometimes walking in water up to your waist! 

We then headed to the Lower Falls and Emerald Pools. We only went to the Lower Falls as it was getting late. As you can see, the water is down to a trickle from the spring water levels. Still a lovely hike to enjoy the wonders of nature. 

Sunday, September 25

Irv and Connie had planned on hiking a portion of The Narrows, but we found out we could not get an extra day at Bryce Zion RV Campground so they came back to the camper to let us know plans had changed and Ron and Laura needed to get up so we could explore Bryce Canyon. 

The experience at Bryce was so different from Zion as you spend most of your time on the rim, unless you venture off on one of the trails. The trails we took were along the rim. We went to Sunset Point, Sunrise Point, and Inspirational Point. Beautiful views! 

As we drove south through the park, stopping at various points, we decided these made us think of the Roman Ruins. 

Our advice on seeing Zion and Bryce Canyons, go to Bryce first and the to Zion.

We will be heading to the Arches and Canyonlands tomorrow. 


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