Wednesday, September 27

We spent the day in The Arches National Park and had such a fun time coming up with what the many rocks looked like to us: the Titanic, the Three Wise Men and a camel, elephants, a little girl’s face, a cruise ship, an Egyptian, a teddy bear, skyscraper buildings, etc! Once again, we were like little children in a large playground full of HUGE rocks chiseled out by God’s weather. 

Our first hike was to the Landscape Arch 

. . . followed by a lunch in the truck. We then headed to Delicate Arch, Utah’s state symbol. 

And on to Balanced Rock . . .

… and Double Arches.

More pictures of ‘red rocks’ that are changing every day. 

Back on the road again and headed to Colorado Springs. We expect this to be two days of travel. Making it easy on ourselves!

Will ‘blog’ with you in a couple of more days!


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