October 3, Monday

We were trying to decide what we were going to do before turning this rig south and east! We went to Royal Gorge in Canon City. This area was caught in a forest fire in 2013 and lost everything except for the bridge. Only a few boards burned and had to be replaced on the bridge, but everything else burned. They have already rebuilt the visitors center and gift shop; added a zip-line; rebuilt the gondola; added a bungee type jump; rebuilt the theatre; and rebuilt the carousel. All the attractions were closed due to high winds. The only thing open was the bridge! It is 953′ above the Arkansas River. 

Since all the rides were closed, (lol) we decided to take in The Seven Falls in Colorado Springs. 

The hike up was .8 of a mile up a gentle incline. Once at the top you may climb 220 steps up to the top of the falls. We opted to just climb 110. A gentleman told us the view was better half way up than from the very top. We believed him and enjoyed our view before heading back. 

On the trail back we enjoyed the wild flowers and wildlife along the way. 


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